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Calshot Activities Centre Association is the representative body for site users, be they individuals, clubs or other groups using the facilities at Calshot Activities Centre. The Association raises funds for specific projects at the Centre as well as supporting requests for help from the clubs where possible. It also operates a small bursary scheme to support children in need who could benefit from the amazing facilities that the Centre has to offer.

Calshot ACA membership is necessary in order to join some of the clubs and is open to everyone who shares our aims of supporting Calshot Activities Centre. We do this through our membership fees to help deliver new projects and to support the existing provision of the Centre’s many exciting and challenging activities.

Calshot Activities Centre Association

Association Membership Benefits

  1. 10% discount on Calshot recreational courses, please enquire at reception.
  2. 20% discount on Calshot room hire for private functions; please enquire at reception.
  3. Discounts on Children’s Parties please enquire at reception.
  4. Discounts on Action Adventure Days please enquire at reception.
  5. 5% discount on all Calshot Reception shop purchases
  6. 10% discount on all Calshot Café/Bar purchases (ex. alcohol)

One membership covers spouse/partner & children (under the age of 18 years) living at the same address.
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Each club will have their own Privacy Policy.

A CalshotACA membership card must be shown
The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March


1. Join the Association

A Calshot ACA membership is required to join most of our clubs.

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2. Join our Clubs

A number of clubs are associated with Calshot Activities Centre and enjoy the facilities on offer. These clubs often occupy overlapping areas of the Calshot site and work harmoniously to manage the needs of their members. Each club is represented on the Calshot Activities Centre Association council which meets regularly.

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