Calshot Sailing Club

Calshot Sailing Club

About the club

Calshot Sailing Club members can use club facilities at any time – the location on Calshot Spit offers immediate access to some of the best sailing water in the Solent.

Throughout the season the club provides a variety of sailing and sailing related events including regular races, cruises, training and tuition for all abilities and social events. We are fortunate enough to have a fleet of dinghies which can be used by club members for a modest fee and we have 3 safety boats providing safety cover during club events.

All events are run in a friendly and inclusive way – consideration being given to the needs of beginners and experienced sailors alike.

Families and non-sailing members are able to take advantage of the beachside location including the clubhouse with kitchen and shower/changing facilities

To Join or Visit Us

Feel free to call in and visit us to see if you might be interested in joining our club. Our calendar of events will suit those who want to race as well as those who just want to enjoy the freedom of sailing at this fantastic location. Our sailing club calendar sets out clearly the dates of our many events, weather permitting, so please check out our website – where you will find more information about the club. Contact the club for a membership form.

You may like to view some of our club videos by clicking on the attached video link.

You do not have to join the Calshot Association in order to join the Calshot Sailing Club but Association membershipamongst other benefits, does give you 10% discount on Café purchases (ex. alcohol) in the Activities Centre.

If you are a regular sailor, you may also want to purchase an annual parking permit from the Activities Centre.

The club operates an Officer Of the Day Duty rosta (OOD) which is very important in running the club’s sailing programme. Safe sailing can only be maintained with good safety cover. To achieve this, all adult sailing members are required to contribute their share of OOD duties. For more information contact the Commodore or check out details on the club's website


Commodore & Dutyman: Chris Watson 
Vice Commodore & Senior Training Officer: Andy Sutton
Rear Commodore: Dave Poupard

Club Secretary: Colin Smedley
Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Keith Fisher

Social Secretary: Caroline Hall
Social Secretary & Safeguarding Officer: Tracey Thorne

Safety Boat Officer: Gary Townrow
Training / CSC boats: - maintenance & repair: Justin Rangecroft                                                              

Compound Manager: Paul Wilkes
Club Website: Colin Page                                                       



Key deposit £50: One-off security deposit for key to allow anytime access to the club.

Joining fee £75: One-off fee payable by new members only.

Ordinary Member £121: Adult member over 18 years of age except as detailed below.

Family Member £172: A member, their spouse and children up to 18 or 25 if in full time undergraduate education.

Student Member £58: A member aged over 18 and under 25 in full time education.

Youth Member £58: A member aged over 16 and under 18 who is not a family member.

Junior/Parent Guardian Member £84: A member under the age of 16 with a non-sailing parent or guardian.

Social Membership £275: A member, their spouse and children up to 18 or 25 (if in full time undergraduate education), who takes no part in watercraft activities.

Club Membership Charges and Compound Fees for boat storage as well as Boat Hire Charges can be found on the club's website. 

Required Membership: Association Membership is not required to join this club but is available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the Association benefits.


Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club
Calshot Sailing Club